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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Make your own skirt pattern

I was looking for a cheap, simple and full skirt pattern for my girls. Since I could not find the pattern I was looking for I decided to try and make my own. I got this idea while struggling to make a skirt for my oldest daughter, out of a pair of her old blue jeans.

I took a nice fitting pair of blue jeans. Put them on top of a piece of wax papaer and spread the legs open, as if they were doing a jumping jack. I took a sharpie and traced all around the jeans as they were on the wax paper.

On top- where the waist is I added and extra inch. I did this to allow for room to make the casing for the elastic waist. {I use 3/4 of an inch wide elastic.} On the sides, I added 1/2 inch on each side. This allows for the 5/8 seam allowance as well as wearing ( or playing) ease. On the bottm of the pattern I added an extra 2 inches for the hem. I did this to allow for my girls to grow. Most of the time they grow taller before they grow wider. This two inches is really plenty to allow for growth. When you are done drawing your new pattern, cut it out of the excess wax paper. You will need to cut out two shapes out of the fabric of your choice.

I was hoping to have pics up of this, but somehow I am not computer literate enough! Add your own embelishment and you have a pretty skirt for everyday wear!